No Hurt demo "digital version"


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Demo 2015 available on cassette with download code.


released February 26, 2016

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Chris Brownbill at Underground Audio
Comfort is: The Locksmith, The Scientist, Father Time, The Caretaker



all rights reserved


COMFORT Brisbane, Australia

Mid Pace Raging Relaximum Punk
Rock'n Roll.


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Track Name: Grief Toilet
GRIEF TOILET Grunt. Wheeze. Whistling through gap in teeth. Slack upper lip flapping in the breeze. Sigh. Cough. Click tongue in right spots. Prepare response. Wait your turn to interrupt. And in one fluid movement, let it spill out. Clear up confusion, confirm your doubts there is a time and a place or that anything resonates at fever pitch in confined space. Say your piece and shuffle off.
Track Name: Found Footage
FOUND FOOTAGE The footage was not seized, it was surrendered. There was no court order, no money changed hands, just a concerned public ensuring discipline and punishment was meted out accordingly. The experiment succeeded, the participants compliant. They heard the screams behind the curtain and cranked the voltage. The eye in the sky has glazed over and powered down. At the panopticon, it's lights out. When big brother can't be bothered, a rat picks up the slack. What do cops even do anymore?
Track Name: Not About You
NOT ABOUT YOU This is not about you. This is about another. They look a lot like you, it's true. This is about the immoral other. They do it for you. They do it all for you. This is not about you though they act on your behalf. It's a dirty job that someone's gotta do, that's why you keep them on staff. You are the guarantor. You are the contact point. It's your signature on the form. The beneficiary of war. You're waist deep in gore. You get it both ways. Not in your name.
Track Name: One False Move
ONE FALSE MOVE Set yourself up to be sore. Prepare to be ignored. Prepare to be bored because that's exactly what's in store. Paranoia is luxury you can't afford because nobody considers you at all. One false move deserves another then retreat to your bubble. Or does it? Just do what everyone else does.
Track Name: Rickets
RICKETS Violence is on the decline, buy low sell high. A seasonal setback but our most precious resource will bounce back. Abide the laws of supply and demand. Violence, precious violence at the top of the mind. Brand awareness, just around the corner at all times. Low pressure in the source. Squeeze every drop from the corpse. Don't diversify, stay the course and with your support, violence will be blue chip once more. Abide the laws of supply and demand and we'll be fine.
Track Name: Dragged by the Bootstraps
DRAGGED BY THE BOOTSTRAPS These are sentimental times. Optimist and pessimist see eye to eye on nostalgia for a future that never arrived. Transpired, exhausted, but never materialised. There's plenty to look forward to. Keep looking forward, it's vivisected in front of you. These are sedentary times. Half asleep under fluorescent light and wide awake into the never night. Useless hypervigilance for life that's passing you by. Just keep buying rubbish and repacking your luggage. A compartment for birth, a compartment for death, a change of clothes for marriages. Make room for work. Work. Work. Work. Expire but don't retire.
Track Name: Anchorite
ANCHORITE Positivity, a church of two poles. Nuns and monks in spandex robes. Nothing unpicked. Everything as is. Feels good. Bricked in. Reliant on the villagers' good faith. Fingers crossed there's not a plague.
Track Name: I Have Concerns
I HAVE CONCERNS We're standing on the precipice of a forward leap. A golden age of philosophy. An admission of greed and culpability. I have concerns. I have qualms. I have a list of queries as long as my arm. I have concerns. I have quandaries. I have questions that I've been pondering and I was wondering are we jumping the gun? I think we’re jumping the gun. Yes, we’re jumping the gun. I have concerns and I have theories. I have empirical evidence of conspiracies. I have a report from a scientist. A study into the long term effects that have proven inconclusive. I have an anesthesiologist that says the opposite of what you just said. I have concerns about the welfare of my children. You have them too don’t you? I know where they go to school, and if you don’t see it my way, I don't know what I'll resort to. In times of uncertainty, we can't take chances on frivolous advances. So in the meantime, take advantage of your riverfront apartment and the water lapping at your feet eight floors up.